Monday, 13 December 2010


The state of being suspended; specifically, a state of uncertainty and expectation, with anxiety or apprehension; indetermination; indecision; as, the suspense of a person waiting for the verdict of a jury. It also makes the viewer get on the edge of there seat as the drama is very interesting. In addition suspense is normally used when the audience know more then the actual characters on screen for example if the killer is behind a vulnerable person and they cant see as the audience we will want to urge them on to turn around this relates to the bomb theory used by Alfred Hitchcock. Suspense can also be created through the false plateau for example in Jaws the children used card board and acted as a fake shark to get everybody scared, then later on in the film when the audience are relaxed and comfortable a real shark appeared and killed a member of the public and that was very shocking.

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