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In my spare time I watched a 'Lurpak' kitchen scene was very imaginative and creative. They used a simple idea of a male making a omelets with 'Lurpak' butter. All of a sudden this created a visual attraction for something so simple which I felt was incredible, what i also felt added to this attraction was the music as it was rather tense and made me feel edgy. The close ups they used were extraordinary and went so close you could capture the precise detail of the object. One of the eye catching parts was the close up of the egg as it smashed against the bowl and splashed forcefully, the use of slow motion made it look more dramatic and made you engage more into the object. As a piece on the whole it made me feel as the watcher very involved as if I was in the scene.

Transition - the bag swap

Thriller Audiences

In the year 2009 there were 503 films released and only 31 of those films are suspense/thriller. Action, Animation and comedy account for 52% of the box office the reason for this because these genre's appeal to a wide rage of people for example animations. Toy Story is well popular amongst the children plus the parents have to take their child to the cinema so they watch it as well so it gets more people to watch that type of film. I think thrillers account for a low portions of the box office only taking four percent is because thrillers do not get much advertising so people dint know about these good films. Plus thrillers may not be popular with the English people they may just be into Action and other types of genres. Looking at the genre by genre above I've drawn the conclusion that men like Sc-fi films more and women like romantic films. Due to the fact that the age on thrillers are high a older adult will be allowed to watch the film and not a young person because they would be under age.


In the diagram above you can tell that thrillers are more female related because the sub-genres on the side are closest to males. The level of suspense lies  more to the left this means it appeals to more to women. The certificate for a thriller is 15-18 for example Pelham 123 is a 15 and  Se7en is a 18.

Live typing and adding sound

Here are some images to show me live type and sounds


I have Inception on dvd and it is defiantly my favourite thriller film. I enjoy it so much because it is a psycological thriller and makes you think and also it is not just a film about action and guns and explsions, there is an important story within it and that is the main characters struggle between his sub concious of his dead wife.


I have an idea for our groups thriller opening scene. The scenario is late at night inside a dark park and four girls are on there way home from a party, however there is a man watching and following them. The audience know this but the four girls do not. This is the the bomb theory. Three of the girls go on there way and one of the girls go another direction, she drops her phone accidently and there is a close up of the man picking it up. Then she starts looking for her phone in her bag and then hears it ring from behind her, whilst slowly turnimng around we see the man suddendly snatch her.

The film will be called Snatcher and will be about the man going after each one of the four girls.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Introduction to Camera Skills

Here is the order of instructions for using our camera:

  • Place in battery and slide to the left until ou hear it had been locked in place. (To take it out you pus the eject button)

  • Simply push in the memory card however not to hard (To take it out simply pull and slide it out)

  • To turn it on press the button next to the record button that turns the cammera on and off

  • To get the focus right zoom in close to a small specific object e,g. an eye and rotate the wheel on the lens

Here is the order of instructions for using the tripod:

  • Un latch all the legs and and make sure they are all the same height
  • Un loose the top of the tripod
  • Slide the camera forward on top of the tripod till you hear a click
  • Tighten back the loose at the top of the tripod
  • The camera and tripod should now be one






Target Audience

To make my thriller movie a success I must identify the target audience and know what makes them like thriller movies. In 2009 there was 31 thriller films and a 4% of the year's box office. The whole genre gross was £42,578,104

The top 3 films was Angels and Demons


Harry Brown

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Thriller Audience

In the year 2009 31 suspense films were released in the UK......

Action, animation and comedy account for 52% of The Box Office in the UK in the year 2009, these genres prove to be popular as surveys show that both makes and females equally enjoy these genres

Thriller Audiences

In the year 2009 only 31 Thrillers were released and all together 503 were released. Action, Comedy and animation count for 52 % of the box office and the reason why is because they have a very wide target base fro example toy story mothers fathers and children watch it all together. thrillers acount

Watching Documentary

Thomas Sutcliffe says "Films need to seduce their audience into long term commitment. While there are many types of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistible" What he means by this is it is essential to hook the audience from an opening of a movie like it is to hook a girl/boy at the beginning of a date. But should we be hooking them by fast action straight away at the beginning or should we take things slow? I personally like to be hooked at the beginning instantly with speed and action.
However Director Jean Jacques Beineix says "After arousing your audience in the opening you must raise the question where do we go from here" He is basically telling us that if we start the film fast and action paced at the beginning then you have to try an top that throughout the film.

"A good beginning must make the audience feel that it doesn't know nearly enough yet, and at the same time make sure that it doesn't know too little" This means that if the audience know too much at the beginning of the movie they will loose interest because they know everything about the movie and whats going to happen and on the other hand if they know too little they loose interest because they dont understand the movie and are confused.

Critic Stanley Kauffman describes a classic opening:

  • city
  • building
  • go through the windows
  • inside the building
  • into an office
  • man on desk
This classic opening works sometimes because it establishes normality and later on in the film we discover nothing is normal

The opening to Seven is so good because it foreshadows the psychotic and sadistic theme of the film and character.

Film Noir means when the end of the movie is at the beginning. This entraps the audience instantly and shocks and gives the audience info but not too much because they still want to know how it happen to come to this dramatic ending

Watching Documentary

When Thomas Sutcliffe says 'Films need to seduce their audience into long term commitment. While there are may types of seduction, the temptation to go for instant arousal is almost irresistible' he mean.....

The director Jean Jacques Beineix explains the risks of instant arousal are .....

'A good beginning must make the audience feel that it doesn't know nearly enough yet, and at the same time make sure that it doesn't know too little'.....

Critic Stanley Kauffmann describes the classic opening as a simple scene setting which conveys normality. The simplicity of this scene is successful as the audience are told the occupations and some background information about the characters, who the main character or characters will be and the setting. Together this all establishes normality before the normality is broken.

Kyle Cooper's title sequence is effective because it foreshadows what's going to happen next, it also symbolises the psychotic obsessive nature endured throughout the film.....

'A favourite trick of Film Noir' Is when the film.......

The opening of 'The Shinning' creates suspense by.......

Thriller Audience

In 2009 31 suspense films were released in the UK. Altogether 503 thriller were released.
Action, animation and comedy account for 52% of the Box-Office I feel they have a large percentage of the market because they have a very large target base.

In 2009 thrillers braught 4% of total uk box office. I think this is unusuallly low as Thrilllers are targeted at a niche audience which are usually males in some cases mature fe-males.

Watching Documentary

Thomas Sutclcliffe means there are different ways for directors to approach the opening of a film which is directors going straight in for the action or waiting for the action to build up which slowly seduces the audience into watching the movie. Personally I enjoy the an action packed opening as it is irresistible.

The risk of instant arousal is that if you start with an action packed opening the audience will expect more dramatic scenes, as he feels the film should start of slowly then let the tension build as he feels it is more dramatic. Personally I feel he is right to some degree as a viewer I would expect more if there was an action packed opening then if it was a slow opening I know I'm in for a shock later on.

You have to make a judgement on how much information you give at the beginning because if you give to little the audience will get bored and wont focus entirely on the rest of the film, on the other hand if you give to much information at the beginning the audience will feel they know to much already and wont be interested in what happens further in the movie. I feel this judgement is totally correct because as a viewer if the film does one of these two options I will be far from interested.

Kauffmann describes a classic opening as a classic shot then a close up of a building in New York, then through a window into a office, this is when we meet the person in the room. From this you know 'the order of the world' this gives the audience a sense of location and were the filming is set this is successful because it also establishes normality.

Kyle Coopers title sequence was effective because as he felt the audience should be part of the transition, it also works because it feels like part of the same movie it also told a story and introduces you to the characters, also it shows you the psychotic nature of the main character.

'A favourite trick of film noir' is when the ending of the film is at the beginning and there is a flashback which makes the film go back in time, i feel this is exciting as it makes the audience think about what actually happens at the beginning.
'The shining' creates suspense because the car is driving into the middle of nowhere were the background is very dark and gloomy which gives it the feel of negativity. Also the use of camera angles make it look like the camera is the predator and the car is the prey.

Watching Documentary

1) Thomas Sutcliffe said ' films need to seduce their audience in to long term commitment. While there are many types of seduction, the temptation to go instant arousal is almost irresistible' I agree with this because if it is boring they will not be entertained.
2)Another Director Jean Jacques Beineix said that you take risk of not being able to deliver later on in the film if you go all out in the opening scene because the aduicene will want to see something more spectacular.
3)A Good beginning must make the audience feel that it dosent know nearly enough yet, and at the same time make sure that it dosen't know too little and this is good because if they know too much they want to watch it and knows what going to happen so it get boring and only a matter of time. However if they know too little they will lose interest saying they do not want to watch it no more.
4)Stanley Kauffmann describe a classic opening as the film starts as a classic shot of the city then a close up of the build then through a window and from the window into the office then you see person at the desk then you see the important person. This is successful because it establishes normality and this is not always the case.
5)Kyle Coopers title sequence to the film Seven is effective because it foreshadows whats going to happen in the film and the obsessive psychotic nature of the main character.
6)'Favourite Trick Of Film Noir' means when you put the ending of the movie at the start. this is a trick because the star of the film does not just make 30 seconds appearance.
7) The opening of the film shinning creates suspense because its driving to the middle of nowhere and into darkness which could be a bad place. The camera is like a predator and those who are in the car are like prey.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The Art of the Title Sequence

This is the opening of Quantum of Solace- James Bond. The style of this title sequence is a discrete title sequence. The reason it is discrete is because it is a small contained film in its self just to show the titles and names. The title says who directed the film, who did the music, the person who did the casting, telling us who the producer and executive producer. There are many images in this clip such as bullet flying through the desert, you see a little sand storm and women dancing and body parts and the bullets introduce the title. The majority of the shots are close ups and zooming out to medium shots. The thing that appeals to me is the fact that the opening is unusual it is not normal something out of the box what you would not expect.

Introduction To Camera

The most important thing is to take utmost care of the camera as if it was ours!!!
Take special care with the camera lens it can get damaged and you can leave finger prints on the actual lens. 
  • before leaving with the camera check it is working and has enough battery life 
  • Insert the memory card to save the filming and transport it to the computer   
  • Don't take the camera out if it is raining hard. If you really have to make sure you take a umbrella to protect the camera
  • Use the Camera bag to protect equipment while transporting the equipment. 
  • For secure filming use the tripod 
  • if you need focus or zoom in /out or if you want to control the amount of light is going in the camera be gentle with the lens
  • Do not film in dangerous area's to avoid theft 
Also count to five while filming so that it will be easier to edit and count to five again so when you finished then stop recording. 

Monday, 24 January 2011

Introducing LiveType - Soundtrack Pro

LiveType Example
LiveType is a key software we used to create our title sequences for our video introductions. LiveType includes fonts,objects,templates and effects. It can also import all different types of media files which can be converted. The letters that you input can be changed in size,font and boldness, all features of the text can be framed, outlined, opacity and given a glow. LiveType also consist of LiveFont which is the key feature to the programme which gives the font a more professional touch which can make your text animated, smoke writing and put your text into a whirlwind ect.
Soundtrack Example
Soundtrack is audio editing and composing application made to improve sounds and create your own with the click of a few buttons. This application consist of over 5000 professional sound effects and instrument loops from all different types of genre such as jazz,r&b,soul and instruments such as drums,violins and trumpets.


At the beggining of films you will see different types of fonts shapes and size in the title which could give you an insight into the film or in some cases be totally opposite. There are two types of Serif fonts such as times and  Courier. Serif fonts are normally used in traditional films and are seen as formal. The over type of font is Sans serif fonts for example Arial and Comic sans these fonts are used more in modern films such as 'Simpsons Movie' as they are seen as welcoming.

In Rocky they have used a 'Franklin Gothic Heavy'. As we can see the font is very big and bold which represents rocky in the film as he is a boxer his build is very big and strong which connotes masculinity. This font may also be used to grab the attention of viewers and the audience they may be aiming this film at.

Fonts And Analysis

When we do our design for the title sequence we need to think very carefully about that type of fonts we want to use.
There are two types of  fonts 
Serif fronts- such as Times and Courier:Serif fonts are generally more traditional and often more formal than sans serif fonts. (A serif is the extra little detail at the end of each stroke of every letter.)

Sans Serif Fonts- such as Ariel and Comic Sans: Sans serif fonts are generally more informal, more modern and more 'friendly'.

Font Analysis
 The font that is used on this pearl harbour poster is PALATINO. This font suggests that it has been done by a type writer and this is what they used in those times. Also its formal so maybe it is suggesting this film is showing the professionalism of what the people of these time were like.

This is a poster of the film Rocky, the font that's being used is Franklin Gothic Heavy. Analysing the font, it is bold, big, strong and heavy. This can represent that rocky is big and strong and powerful just from the front.

The Art Of The Title - James Bond

The 'James Bond' opening I feel was very interesting because of the effects used to show different aspects  of his gadgets and his daily life.

The Structure of Thriller Openings

There are 3 basic structures when it comes to film openings. They are Narrative openings, discrete title sequence and titles over a blank screen. There is a fourth style called 'Stylized editing' but this is less common than the other 3.

Narrative Opening
A narrative opening consist of titles running throughout the opening, it is able to tell a story and gives the audience an idea of the characters and what may happen in future events.

An example of a narrative opening is 'The Shining' by stanley Kubrick

Discrete Title Sequence
A discrete title sequence is a small self-contained film which contains the titles and names , it usually doesn't have any relevance to the next scene, but it give the audience an idea of what may happen in the film.

An example of this is the thriller 'Se7en' by David Fincher

Title over a blank screen
Titles over a blank screen are followed by the narrative opening..........

The Structure Of Thriller Openings

When we watch films there are three types of openings.

  • A narrative opening with the title running throughout.            

        The narrative opening contains the title sequence going through the main part of the film. An example          of this is 'The Shinning'

  •      The second type is a discrete title sequence.               
              A discrete title sequence is a small contained film just to show the titles and names. An example of this is the film seven  

  • Title over a blank screen, followed by a narrative opening        
       The titles comes up and the black screen is the background

The Structure of Thriller Openings

There are 3 basic structures when it comes to film openings. They are Narrative openings, discrete title sequence and titles over a blank screen. There is a fourth style called 'Stylized editing' but this is less common than the other 3.

Narrative Opening
A narrative opening consist of titles running throughout the opening, it is able to tell a story and gives the audience an idea of the characters and what may happen in future events.

An example of a narrative opening is 'The Shining' by stanley Kubrick

Discrete Title Sequence
A discrete title sequence is a small self-contained film which contains the titles and names , it usually doesn't have any relevance to the next scene, but it give the audience an idea of what may happen in the film.

An example of this is the thriller 'Se7en' by David Fincher

Title over a blank screen
Titles over a blank screen are followed by the narrative opening..........

Different Types Of Film Opening

We looked at different types of film opening one was the film 'Se7en' which is has a discrete title sequence. The typography used is modern, stylized this gives the film a feeling of excitement as it is set in the city.  In a discrete title sequence the opening of a film is a short film in itself, directors also use this to give the audience a short insight to the film. In 'Se7en' the opening shows the psychotic distraught of a character as they are crossing out words in a newspaper, cutting out different sections of a magazine which shows his confusion that may be shown as the film goes on. Also the variety of quick edits and use of colours such as red and black connote death.

 Another opening we looked at was a narrative opening. In a narrative opening. In a Narrative opening it is able to tell you a story which gives the audience an insight into the film. A film we looked out at that did this well was 'The Shining'.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Camera Work - Indroduction


The first thing we were shown when taught how to use the camera are the safety aspects what to do and what not to do,for example taking care of the device and also making sure the device is working to its full ability before you leave the building.
Another vital instruction we were shown was how insert the memory and how essential it is that its in working order and inserted before any work is started and removed as soon as recording is finished, also these memory cards will be supplied by the media department.
Filming Outside
The most important thing about filming outside is to make the weather is absouletly clear and there's no sign of rain or any liquid device getting into contact with the camera as it will damage the camera severely.

If in any case you are filming in wet conditions you will be given a umbrella provided by the media department to make sure the camera is in superb condition.
Camera Lens
The camera lens is one of the most important devices on the camera as without it the device will not be able to function. in all cases you should never touch the lends or apply any pressure to it as if damaged very expensive to replace.

Filming Policy
It is important when filming you follow all the rules and regulations and not break the law. For example if filming graffiti making sure the wall is public and you have full permission from the council and can prove this to your teacher and the examiner.

Monday, 17 January 2011


Intertexuality is a term used to describe when films borrow other aspects from each other, such as camera angles, editing, music and sound and most commonly mis en scene. After watching 'Psycho' directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The class watched another three thriller clips to see if any aspects had been borrowed from 'Psycho' or any of the other thrillers we watched

What Lies Beneath - Robert Zemeckis
  • Staircase borrowed from The Stepfather
  • Showerhead borrowed from Psycho
  • White curtain borrowed from Psycho
  • White bath borrowed from Psycho

Fatal Attraction - Adrian Lyne
  • White bathroom borrowed from Psycho
  • Smashed mirror borrowed from The Stepfather
  • Shot strangling old woman borrowed from The Stepfather
  • Knives borrowed from The Stepfather
  • Stabbing scene borrowed from The Stepfather and Psycho
The Stepfather - Nelson McCormick
  • Staircase borrowed from What Lies Beneath
  • Breaking door borrowed from Fatal Attraction
  • Stabbing scene borrowed from Fatal Attraction and Psycho
  • Shower curtain borrowed from Psycho
  • Bathroom scene borrowed from Psycho
Succubus - Student Thriller
  • Sound of running water borrowed from Psycho
  • Shower head borrowed from Psycho
  • Bath scene borrowed from Psycho
  • Stabbing scene borrowed from Psycho

Title Sequence Analysis

Analysis of 'Marathon Man' Title Sequence


In the Stepfather, intertexuality was a very important concept. One of the most important scenes in the film had a visual referencing from films like "What lies beneath".
In both films, there is a significant similarity with the stairs (mise en scene) that was used in the two films when the victims were trying to escape from their attacker.Also another important aspect of intertexuality used in the stepfather is the borrowing of the use of white bathrooms, bathtubs, shower and backround curtain from Fatal Attraction, What lies Beneath and Psycho. Also in the Stepfather when Daniel attacked susan and glass shattered on the floor this dilemna is also seen in Fatal Attraction.

Memento Sequence

Main actors

Film title
Executive producers
Director of photography
Production design

Analysis of Title Sequence

Detailed Analysis of Thriller Clip

This is the opening clip of the psychological thriller Memento. In this clip a man shoots his victim and takes a picture of him however the actions are shown in reverse. E.g. we see the picture being taken then the gun shooting.

  • Camera angles used are high angle
  • Sound used is non digetic (violin and piano)
  • Also digetic sound is used (Camera flash sound, gun shout and shouting)
  • MES used is the picture, bullet, blood, gun
  • The main editing is shot in reverse and also match cut
  • Titles are big and spread out and serif font
  • The camera angle connotes the superiority the killer has over the victim
  • The non digetic music connotes suspense building up 
  • The digetic music is used to shock the audience
  • MES creates a sinister atmosphere in the clip
  • The editing is used to confuse the audience. This is why its a psychological thriller, the audience must think
  • The title connotes seriousness

Thriller Sub Genres

List of thriller sub genres
  • Action Thriller
  • Psychological Thriller
  • Supernatural Thriller
  • Political Thriller
  • Suspense Thriller
  • Mystery Thriller
  • Crimer Thriller
  • Conspiracy Thiller
  • Legal Thriller
  • Religious Thriller
  • Techno Thriller
My favourite three sub genres are action, suspense and crime. I prefer these three compared to mystery or psychological as they keep me more intrested in whats happening, wherease the other two rely on the audience paying full attention if not the whole plot could me confusing.
One of my favourite thrillers is the horror thriller, The Omen 2006.

The Omen 2006 is remake of Richard Donner's The Omen of 1976. The film is about a couple who's baby dies at childbirth, secretly the father adopts another baby who's mother died at child birth. Little did the man know he adopted the son of satan. This leads to a series of events including death and unormal doings, the mother suspects something isn't right with her son, but it's too late as she dies and it's left for her husband to work it out. The film has a chilling ending as the husband dies and the son of satan lives, and what he will donext the audience will never know. I like The Omen as its filled with suspicion as both the audience and the characters are unaware of who the son is.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


This term Intertexuality is used to describe the same visual references between films we watch. The scene's are not exactly the same but there are certain aspects you recognise from other films. The film makers borrow from each other. You can tell this from various things such the props that are used, certain camera angles, sounds and methods of editing. An example of this is in the film stepfather there have a curved staircase and in the film Fatal Attraction they have exactly the same curved staircase same colour and design. One other example is in the film Psycho when the women gets murdered the shower come out of there rings and fall on her, this same shot was in the Stepfather when the women stabs the killer in the neck the director purposely showed the shower curtains coming out of there rings.


Intertextuality is the term that describes what it means when a film 'borrows' a camera angle, aspect of mise en scene, a sound or an edit to there film that they have seen from others. The most common clip that has been borrowed somehow into films is Alfred Hitchcock's very famous shower scene in his film Psycho.

This scene contains amazing camera angles, brilliant character movements, perfect scenery and the most famous of all is the distinctive music.

Many films has borrowed aspects from 'PSYCHO' such as

What Lies Beneath

  • White bath tub
  • Blond naked women
  • Non diegetic sound of water
  • White shower curtains

Fatal Attractions

  • White bathroom
  • Non digetic sound of water
  • The knife
  • Blond woman dying

The Stepfather

  • White bathroom
  • The knife
  • Camera shot of the shower curtain being pulled down
  • However this time a man is dying

Analysis Of The Stepfather

The Stepfather 2009 film is a remake of 1987 American film. They are both named "The Stepfather" and they are both loosely based on the crimes of  John List. The film is about the male character (The Stepfather) who has a twisted addiction of taking on single mothers and there family. However after The Stepfather settles down with a family and gains there trust he kills the mother and her children. But it didn't go as well to plan with the family he tried to do this to in this film...

Director Nelson McCormick uses many different techniques to create suspense. Three major ones he used was Bomb Theory, False Plato & Normality.

Is established at the start of the film. The Stepfather has showered and shaved but the dying of hair and change of eye colour firstly raises audience awareness. Then he puts on the radio and drinks his coffee, eats his toast however suddenly we see dead bodies. The normality instantly stops for the audience and creates suspense however what creates even more suspense is that normality still exist for The Stepfather.

Bomb Theory
Throughout the whole film this technique exist. the single mother and children do not know that The Stepfather is a murderer and is planning to murder them. On the other hand the audience do know, this keeps us on the edge of our sits waiting to know if he'll murder them? Will they find out in time? This is called the bomb theory, when the audience knows something the characters do not.

False Plato 
This technique appears many times in the film. Firstly with the old women who's a neighbour to the family, the music and camera angles make it look like The Stepfather is in the house but then it is all calm when we see its just the cat that jumps out, then suddenly when everything was calm The Stepfather strikes and kills the old woman. Also when The Stepfather was supposed 2 be dead and the mother and her son are hugging he returns to finish his job of killing them. This is false Plato, when everything seems to be fine but is not.

List of Thriller Sub Genres

Conspiracy thriller e.g. JFK
Crime thriller e.g. No Country for Old Men
Disaster thriller e.g. 2012
Erotic thriller e.g. Basic Instinct 
Legal thriller e.g. The Runaway Jury
Medical thriller e.g. The Experiment
Mystery thriller e.g. Shutter Island
Political thriller e.g. Enemy of the State
Psychological thriller e.g. Psycho
Religious thriller e.g. The Da Vinci Code
Supernatural thriller e.g. What Lies beneath
Techno thriller e.g. The Matrix

1992 erotic thriller that made a gross revenue of $352,927,224 from a $49 million (estimated) Budget.

Erotic thriller most interest me because the genre of sex and love already engages an audience but when mixed with the genre of thriller and suspense the audience is captured even more. Erotic thrillers has been very popular through the 80s and 90s but has declined in marketability. I believe this sub genre needs to return.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Detailed Analysis Of Thriller Clip

Deja vu 
What happens in the clip 
A group of soldiers and normal people go on a ferry and then the ferry blows up. Before the ferry blows up everyone is happy with their families, merry music everyone having a good time.
Use of Camera(Movement Angle Distance)
The camera was distant so you could see what the actors where wearing it. It was like the camera was observing everything that is happening and the angle of the camera is high slightly tilted.
Sound(Musical score,Sound effects,Dialogue)
There was happy sounds mixed with heaving bass drum heart beating sounds. It had this sound so it suggested suspense and maybe something is going to happen. There was music but is was opposite to the good mood of the people.
Mise en scene (Setting, location, lighting, props)
This clip was mainly set on the boat which gets blown up. It is in bored daylight so there was a natural light in this scene. There was one main prop that stood out and that was when the doll fell from the little girls hand in the boat into the water, this was foreshadowing what was about to happen.
At the start of the clip we see loads of flicker shots and it is not smooth. It has jump cuts its jumps one shot to another in quick sessions and back again but at a different angle. plus there is also slow motion shots.
Title(general comment on front number of them,when they appear, static or moving)
Title was Deja Vu and it was type written like a type writer font. Also it was written in lower case, the credits that appear jump from one place to another and it also has a box frame that is slightly in one the writing.

List Of Thriller Sub-genre And The Type I Like Best

Erotic Thriller
Action Thriller 

psychological Thriller      

List of sub-genres
  1. Action thriller 
  2. Psychological thriller
  3. Horror-supernatural thriller
  4. Erotic thriller    
These are just a few of the sub genre however my favourite one is psychological  thriller and the one film that made this my favourite is phone booth. Almost the whole film is set in a phone booth and this one place plays with your mind because you do not know what is going to happen next and it seems no matter what he dose he is going to die but the great thing about this is that everything we think is going to happen it is the complete of opposite which keeps us guessing and trying to figure things out.

How Is Suspense Created In The Step Father?

There are many suspense scenes in the film Stepfather. These scenes were created by the bomb theory, false plateau and normality. At the start of the film there is a sense of normality. This is established by the killer acting normal by having a shower, shaving and putting the radio on which is playing silent night. He also made toast and coffee which makes us the viewers think everything is normal.The audience begin to question 'Why?' until dead bodies of a women and two children.

There is a false plateau, when a cat jumps out on the 'crazy cat lady'. we are thought it was the killer but the audience is relieved when we find out when it is the cat so we begin to relax. so when the killer re-appears we are shocked.

Thriller Sub Genres

Paranormal -Supernatural Thriller

Politicial Thriller
Action Thriller
Fatal Attraction-Erotic Thriller