Monday, 4 April 2011

8) Evaluation: Look back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learned in the progression from it to the full product

I am going to show what we have learnt from the prelim to our final thriller opening . i am going to show the improvements of our group using editing, mis en scene, sound and camera.

This is our prelim as you can see it is not very good. the reason for this is mainly because we did not et enough light into the lens and we had the filter on. 

Here in our final film the other side we see the lighting is much better as we knew there was little light therefore we took the light filter off. and this is a much better piece which we have put together and shows improvement. 

Here is the mis en scene it is very simple not in any way complex and not really effective and quite dull because it doesn't ask question or make the audience feel in any way. 

This however if you see it, it asks question why and who and is it a good and bad thing he is doing and this makes the audience feel worried and unlike the prelim the mis en scene much more thought about in detail and what it can do. 

There is no sound in the prelim just talking and nothing really to build up the tension and make the audience feel at the edge of there seat there were just talking and nothing else. however in our final film we tried to adress this problem in adding sound making it build up to something and keep the audience engaged. with the editing it was not at its best we found it hard to make it good because we didn't really know any of the extra things the programs does to improve your film. On the other hand in our final film we gained greater knowledge of this and tried to apply it which i feel it went well. 

Here is a link to our prelim to you can watch it 

Here is a link to our final cut the other side you can watch it and see the improvements. Group 21 by margiie

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