Monday, 4 April 2011

Evaluation: 4&5: the kind of media institution might distribute my media product & how will i attract aduience?

Our film is low budget we did not have all the money to buy all the lastest technology and have the world class superstart actors but what we had we used to the best of our ability. we also created our own production company with the help of candi studio. our film will be in cinema april 5th and there are going to be 200 people to watch the opening. also there will be a DVD release of 200 copies given out with our opening on it.  Also i plan to put our opening on Facebook and vimeo to get it out to a even wider audience.  

  Here is a student film called glitch it has  284,290 views. the internet has helped this student to launch a film and get it out there for people to watch on things like youtube, social networking sites and vimeo . when it comes to youtube there are more than a billion people signed up or using it so not just his family and friends and his peers can see the whole world can see what he has done. 

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