Saturday, 2 April 2011

Evaluation: Media Institution & Distribution

CANDIStudios will be the institution for my thriller 'The Other Side' because it is the best independent college around. For a college it has many professional equipment and facilities and gives young upcoming students to learn and develop skills so that one day they can move onto a more expensive more high profile institution that will mean they have more expensive equipment and better actors. Starting off with CANDIStudios is a good way for students to start off because it gives a fair amount of publicity and people can see what greatness we can do with minimal facilitates.


Becuae the college has a low budget our films are distributed by Vimeo.

What I have done to distribute the film so far is put it on facebook and twitter. Ive asked for comments and the things they have told me you can see from my target audience blog wordle. Also the college arranged for the thriller to be shown on a small cinema named The Screen and the feedback from that is on the target audience blog videos. Next I am planning to put the video on youtube and promote even more on facebook and twitter. Also I am going to broadcast on blackberry. These distrubutions will promote to my peers that are my age however I want to distrubute to a 18-25 audience so 200 DVD's have been made for sale so I will buy one and get my brother, A 28 year old marketer to help promote the thriller.

Justin Bieber is an example of what the social stream can do to your reputation and publicity. He went from a normal teenage boy to a  worldwide superstar


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