Wednesday, 6 April 2011

EVALUATION What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why? How will you attract your audition?

'Asleep' is a suspense thriller written and directed by Tony Lawson, he founded his cinematography production company FLIKBOX Motion Pictures in 2009 and 'Asleep' was their first official short film. The student film was filmed with a $20 budget (£12.26), and shot on JVC GY-HD110U. It has 23,623 views on youtube where it was first published. Not only did youtube give him constructive feedback it was able to help promote the independent production company.

This gave me the idea to also promote our thriller 'The Other Side' using youtube. Youtube's biggeset advanytage as its available to everyone regardless of age, gender etc, theres no specific audience, and its free. However there are some downfalls such as the idea or actual film can be copied by anyone.

Another type of media institution is Facebook, Facebook is used worldwide by over 500 million people. A lot of people use Facebook to promote or showcase their products/services including for example Adam Deacon used Facebook to promote his film 'Adulthood'; this was the best type of promotion for his film as his target audience was mainly young adults/teenagers and Facebook is widely used by these audiences therefore this made his promotion highly successful. 'The Other Side' could also be promoted via Facebook as its target audience is similar to 'Adulthood'. However, Facebook's disadvantage is that it the actual Facebook group/fanpage  depends largely upon open Facebook users to repost the links in order to make the fanpage popular.

Vimeo is another type of institution. Vimeo was created especially to encouraging individuals with a wide range of video interests; and inspire people to show their creative sides. It is not greatly used, but the people that do use all have similar interests unlike youtube, where the categories are vast.

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