Friday, 21 January 2011

Camera Work - Indroduction


The first thing we were shown when taught how to use the camera are the safety aspects what to do and what not to do,for example taking care of the device and also making sure the device is working to its full ability before you leave the building.
Another vital instruction we were shown was how insert the memory and how essential it is that its in working order and inserted before any work is started and removed as soon as recording is finished, also these memory cards will be supplied by the media department.
Filming Outside
The most important thing about filming outside is to make the weather is absouletly clear and there's no sign of rain or any liquid device getting into contact with the camera as it will damage the camera severely.

If in any case you are filming in wet conditions you will be given a umbrella provided by the media department to make sure the camera is in superb condition.
Camera Lens
The camera lens is one of the most important devices on the camera as without it the device will not be able to function. in all cases you should never touch the lends or apply any pressure to it as if damaged very expensive to replace.

Filming Policy
It is important when filming you follow all the rules and regulations and not break the law. For example if filming graffiti making sure the wall is public and you have full permission from the council and can prove this to your teacher and the examiner.

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