Monday, 24 January 2011

The Structure of Thriller Openings

There are 3 basic structures when it comes to film openings. They are Narrative openings, discrete title sequence and titles over a blank screen. There is a fourth style called 'Stylized editing' but this is less common than the other 3.

Narrative Opening
A narrative opening consist of titles running throughout the opening, it is able to tell a story and gives the audience an idea of the characters and what may happen in future events.

An example of a narrative opening is 'The Shining' by stanley Kubrick

Discrete Title Sequence
A discrete title sequence is a small self-contained film which contains the titles and names , it usually doesn't have any relevance to the next scene, but it give the audience an idea of what may happen in the film.

An example of this is the thriller 'Se7en' by David Fincher

Title over a blank screen
Titles over a blank screen are followed by the narrative opening..........

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