Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Detailed Analysis Of Thriller Clip

Deja vu 
What happens in the clip 
A group of soldiers and normal people go on a ferry and then the ferry blows up. Before the ferry blows up everyone is happy with their families, merry music everyone having a good time.
Use of Camera(Movement Angle Distance)
The camera was distant so you could see what the actors where wearing it. It was like the camera was observing everything that is happening and the angle of the camera is high slightly tilted.
Sound(Musical score,Sound effects,Dialogue)
There was happy sounds mixed with heaving bass drum heart beating sounds. It had this sound so it suggested suspense and maybe something is going to happen. There was music but is was opposite to the good mood of the people.
Mise en scene (Setting, location, lighting, props)
This clip was mainly set on the boat which gets blown up. It is in bored daylight so there was a natural light in this scene. There was one main prop that stood out and that was when the doll fell from the little girls hand in the boat into the water, this was foreshadowing what was about to happen.
At the start of the clip we see loads of flicker shots and it is not smooth. It has jump cuts its jumps one shot to another in quick sessions and back again but at a different angle. plus there is also slow motion shots.
Title(general comment on front number of them,when they appear, static or moving)
Title was Deja Vu and it was type written like a type writer font. Also it was written in lower case, the credits that appear jump from one place to another and it also has a box frame that is slightly in one the writing.

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