Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Introduction To Camera

The most important thing is to take utmost care of the camera as if it was ours!!!
Take special care with the camera lens it can get damaged and you can leave finger prints on the actual lens. 
  • before leaving with the camera check it is working and has enough battery life 
  • Insert the memory card to save the filming and transport it to the computer   
  • Don't take the camera out if it is raining hard. If you really have to make sure you take a umbrella to protect the camera
  • Use the Camera bag to protect equipment while transporting the equipment. 
  • For secure filming use the tripod 
  • if you need focus or zoom in /out or if you want to control the amount of light is going in the camera be gentle with the lens
  • Do not film in dangerous area's to avoid theft 
Also count to five while filming so that it will be easier to edit and count to five again so when you finished then stop recording. 

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