Thursday, 13 January 2011


Intertextuality is the term that describes what it means when a film 'borrows' a camera angle, aspect of mise en scene, a sound or an edit to there film that they have seen from others. The most common clip that has been borrowed somehow into films is Alfred Hitchcock's very famous shower scene in his film Psycho.

This scene contains amazing camera angles, brilliant character movements, perfect scenery and the most famous of all is the distinctive music.

Many films has borrowed aspects from 'PSYCHO' such as

What Lies Beneath

  • White bath tub
  • Blond naked women
  • Non diegetic sound of water
  • White shower curtains

Fatal Attractions

  • White bathroom
  • Non digetic sound of water
  • The knife
  • Blond woman dying

The Stepfather

  • White bathroom
  • The knife
  • Camera shot of the shower curtain being pulled down
  • However this time a man is dying

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