Monday, 17 January 2011

Detailed Analysis of Thriller Clip

This is the opening clip of the psychological thriller Memento. In this clip a man shoots his victim and takes a picture of him however the actions are shown in reverse. E.g. we see the picture being taken then the gun shooting.

  • Camera angles used are high angle
  • Sound used is non digetic (violin and piano)
  • Also digetic sound is used (Camera flash sound, gun shout and shouting)
  • MES used is the picture, bullet, blood, gun
  • The main editing is shot in reverse and also match cut
  • Titles are big and spread out and serif font
  • The camera angle connotes the superiority the killer has over the victim
  • The non digetic music connotes suspense building up 
  • The digetic music is used to shock the audience
  • MES creates a sinister atmosphere in the clip
  • The editing is used to confuse the audience. This is why its a psychological thriller, the audience must think
  • The title connotes seriousness

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