Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Watching Documentary

Thomas Sutclcliffe means there are different ways for directors to approach the opening of a film which is directors going straight in for the action or waiting for the action to build up which slowly seduces the audience into watching the movie. Personally I enjoy the an action packed opening as it is irresistible.

The risk of instant arousal is that if you start with an action packed opening the audience will expect more dramatic scenes, as he feels the film should start of slowly then let the tension build as he feels it is more dramatic. Personally I feel he is right to some degree as a viewer I would expect more if there was an action packed opening then if it was a slow opening I know I'm in for a shock later on.

You have to make a judgement on how much information you give at the beginning because if you give to little the audience will get bored and wont focus entirely on the rest of the film, on the other hand if you give to much information at the beginning the audience will feel they know to much already and wont be interested in what happens further in the movie. I feel this judgement is totally correct because as a viewer if the film does one of these two options I will be far from interested.

Kauffmann describes a classic opening as a classic shot then a close up of a building in New York, then through a window into a office, this is when we meet the person in the room. From this you know 'the order of the world' this gives the audience a sense of location and were the filming is set this is successful because it also establishes normality.

Kyle Coopers title sequence was effective because as he felt the audience should be part of the transition, it also works because it feels like part of the same movie it also told a story and introduces you to the characters, also it shows you the psychotic nature of the main character.

'A favourite trick of film noir' is when the ending of the film is at the beginning and there is a flashback which makes the film go back in time, i feel this is exciting as it makes the audience think about what actually happens at the beginning.
'The shining' creates suspense because the car is driving into the middle of nowhere were the background is very dark and gloomy which gives it the feel of negativity. Also the use of camera angles make it look like the camera is the predator and the car is the prey.

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