Monday, 24 January 2011

Different Types Of Film Opening

We looked at different types of film opening one was the film 'Se7en' which is has a discrete title sequence. The typography used is modern, stylized this gives the film a feeling of excitement as it is set in the city.  In a discrete title sequence the opening of a film is a short film in itself, directors also use this to give the audience a short insight to the film. In 'Se7en' the opening shows the psychotic distraught of a character as they are crossing out words in a newspaper, cutting out different sections of a magazine which shows his confusion that may be shown as the film goes on. Also the variety of quick edits and use of colours such as red and black connote death.

 Another opening we looked at was a narrative opening. In a narrative opening. In a Narrative opening it is able to tell you a story which gives the audience an insight into the film. A film we looked out at that did this well was 'The Shining'.

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