Monday, 31 January 2011

Thriller Audiences

In the year 2009 there were 503 films released and only 31 of those films are suspense/thriller. Action, Animation and comedy account for 52% of the box office the reason for this because these genre's appeal to a wide rage of people for example animations. Toy Story is well popular amongst the children plus the parents have to take their child to the cinema so they watch it as well so it gets more people to watch that type of film. I think thrillers account for a low portions of the box office only taking four percent is because thrillers do not get much advertising so people dint know about these good films. Plus thrillers may not be popular with the English people they may just be into Action and other types of genres. Looking at the genre by genre above I've drawn the conclusion that men like Sc-fi films more and women like romantic films. Due to the fact that the age on thrillers are high a older adult will be allowed to watch the film and not a young person because they would be under age.

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