Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation of 'The Other Side' (Rough Cut)

The first thing that I knew was missing was all the titles such as who was the editor, who directed the film, who editing the opening etc.. all these will defiantly need to be in the final edit to make it look real and to show we know what these things are and mean. Secondly there was no sound so you could not get the full effect of the opening because the sounds is a very important part of the edit because it helps build up the tension and suspense we want to the audience to feel. The pace of the film is quite slow and you can become bored and again if there was music it would help improve the pace of the opening. We did not finish all the editing there was a little bit more to add however because of the difficulty we had trying to get the last part right we left it out and left it for the final editing. There was also a part of me that was in the action of the film when i was not meant to be so again this needs to be fixed.

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