Thursday, 24 March 2011

On Set

We decided to start filming on Thursday the 17th of February early around 12 o'clock, this decision was made because the weather forecast stated this would be the sunniest day of the week, and we needed a lot of natural light in order to give the bathroom scene a sense of normality.

At first we had decided Denzel's footwear should be plain white socks but due to the lack of this piece of costume we had to improvise and use plain white trainers. This didn't inconvenience us, if anything it was an advantage in disguise as the trainers suggests that he has come from somewhere preferably outside from doing 'something' which just adds to the many mysteries within the film.

Plain white trainers

Plain white T-shirt

Plain white linen trousers

Samarge and myself would take turns in filming, Denzel was acting to the best of his ability, and Michael was taking pictures of the set and scenery, whilst helping out with the props and mis en scene needed.

Filming was going well, but as time went on, the teams morale started to descend, as minor mistakes where made such as mis en scene being in one clip and not in others. As director Samarge got us all back on track and we were able to get on with it as a group.
We finished filming around 5.30, just before the lighting started to change, at the time we thought filming was a great success, and we had some great pieces of winning material.

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