Friday, 25 March 2011

The title 'The Other Side'

As you know to begin with our title was 'deceptus', but we decided to change it after we realised it could be mistaken for 'decieve'. After our pitch we were more focused on making changes to our initial thriller ideas than thinking of a name for it. On the 17th of March after we had finished filming we realised we still had no title. So we all came up with ideas of what would convey are psychological theme effectively. I suggested the name 'The Other Man', as a group we decided it was too obvious and gave away the main motive of our thriller. Michael then put forward 'The Other Side' which we all took to immediately. It was vague yet complementary. It suggested the man in our thriller (Denzel) had two persona's. The word 'side' inside of 'man' suggests his second personality is abnormal and inhuman;  personally I think this compares Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

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