Tuesday, 22 March 2011

First Time Filming

When we film for the first time is was a great success. The reason I say this is because everyone in the group turned up even though they were not in the film, they all gave input in what shots we should have and shouldn't have and why we should have that particular shot. While we were filming we were able to get pictures and extra behind the scenes footage and even our mistakes and this was down to everyone coming and finding something to do while we were filming. When we filmed for the first time our ideas it was nice to see certain things come together. We gained allot of experience from filming that day. We got to experiment even more from what we have already filmed before.

We filmed everything that needed to be filmed that day and we even filmed other angles of shots so we have a wide range of shots to choose from and make a sublime opening. When we finished filming we thought everything was perfect and we wouldn't have to do anything more it was all done in one day but when we got on to the apple macs we were sadly mistaken actually quite a few shots needed to be RE-FILMED.
Me Filming Again But From A Different Angle 

Me Filming On The Day

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