Friday, 25 March 2011

Our Roles

When it came to deciding on who does what it was an easy task. Firstly we collectively decided Samarge would make a good director/camera man. Denzel would be our actor, Michael would create the sound and I would edit. 

These decisions were all based on our previous filming experience with the bag swap. Samarge filmed all the clips using various shots with the help of his camera knowledge, and was able to direct Denzel and Michael and tell them what he wanted in order to make the short film. Denzel has an acting background which benefited us greatly as it meant his role in our group was effortless to him yet valuable to us. Michael has a music background as he produces and makes music in his spare time, which was another benefit as we knew we could leave the responsibility of music in his hands, also in the making of the bag swap he made the music which was able to compliment the video and set the mood. Lastly I was appointed editor due to my editing skills within the bag swag, and my previous knowledge of editing material at HandE media studios.

Director - Samarge

Actor - Denzel

Music producer - Michael

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