Friday, 25 March 2011

First Stages of Editing

After filming, I begun to edit on Wednesday the 23rd of February. As I said in the previous blog 'on set' we were happy with our filming and thought it was a great success, however when we saw some of the clips it was apparent some weren't the high standard clips we once saw, for example some clips were out of focus, some where shaky, and some weren't the right type of shot.
This is an example of a blurry image we took, even though it was blurry we were still able to use it, as it  added an effect to our thriller

With this noted I still decided to roughly edit the clips and start piecing them together so we could get an idea of what our opening thriller would look like.

Even though some of the clips we had filmed had a few faults, all was not at loss, as I was able to cut out certain parts and use others, which just added a certain effect of mystery to our thriller.

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