Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Evaluations-In what ways does media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?


As you can see the first object we lay our eyes on is the ident. The other side uses Candi studios which is a low budget company and is funded by the government. Screen gems is a high budget worldwide company which has produced so many high budget films such as 'Stomp The Yard' and 'Resident Evil'.


Secondly you almost definitely see the production company which in our case it is a independent company called 'GROUP 21' founded by myself and other members of the group. Then we have again the high budget company Screen Gems.

                                                                     ROUND 3)          

We then see the in both film opening  a body part of the main character in 'The Stepfather this is Dylan Walsh a experienced actor from L.A being in another 15 films and Denzel an amazing aspiring actor from Islington.


In both fims we then see another body part of the main character then the title written on or next to a piece of mis en scene. This slowly gets the audience into the film and gets them ready for the main action.


We then see the name of the co-actors in 'The Stepfathers' case it is alongside his face, what I have noticed throughout is that in 'The Stepfather' the writing never or rarely gets in the way of the character its either beside him or in-between which I feel is effective because it never gets in the way of any action that is happening, so we tried to follow that fashion but we never applied to every section of the title sequence. 


The music supervisors are vital to both opening as in ours without the music there is no suspense and it would be try, so I feel it brings alot of life to our title sequence. In 'The Stepfather' the music also builds up tension as we think hes a nice guy we later find out his real plan which I felt was really effective.


'The Stepfather' shows the production company which is a high budget company called 'GRANADA' who are well known and also produce British television 'ITV'. It shows the directors name in our case as they are also vital in putting input into the film deciding the camera shots that will be taken.


We then start getting into the main pieces of action.Similarly in both openings you see a change of identity, the colour of eyes. In 'The Other Side' the eyes go from a piercing light green to a dark brown which catches the attention of the audience immediately. In 'The Stepfather' you see the eyes change from a light hazel to a dark blue which shows his change in identity which we find out later why he does this.


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