Friday, 25 March 2011

On Set...Again

As a group we decided 1 or 2 scenes needed to be redone, so on monday the 7th of March Denzel, Samarge and I went back to Denzel's house to re-film. Meanwhile Michael stayed at college to make a start on the music.

Denzel changed into the same costume, and we had to make sure the bathroom was exactly the same as when we first filmed. We filmed the first scene again of Denzel's feet, as the previous clip was lob sided. We filmed the close up of the door handle and Denzel locking the door. The previous clip was more like a mid-shot which wasn't effective at all, as the close up created more of a suspenseful story. Lastly we re- filmed the clip where the camera panned up from Denzel's feet to his shoulders. The previous clip was almost perfect, except the camera was shaky, and because Denzel was facing a mirror a bit of Samarge could be seen.

With these new clips we could now edit properly... Or so we thought. 

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