Monday, 21 March 2011

Problems With Filming

When we were filming we had a few problems such not really knowing what was the exact shot we wanted because we did not know what shot would best suit the particular shot that was required. Also the type of angle shots such high angle or low angle shots. So the shot I wanted to take was difficult and there was even a time I had to be in the bath tub in order to catch the shot my group members needed. There was a major problem as well because there was a very big mirror so we had to try film at a angle that mirror would not see us and the camera would not pick us up.
Here is an example of what I mean about the type of shot we wanted the first shot was a point of view shot but we then changed it to the second shot which is a close up of the door being locked with the lock and catching the blood.

High Angle Shot (First Shot)

Close Up Shot (Second Shot)

This Picture Shows Me In The Bath Tub Trying To Get A Good Shot Because Of The Lack Of Space

Me In The Bath Tub

And the mirror shot we had to shoot from an angle so we are not in the mirror view. 
Mirror Shot

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