Monday, 21 March 2011

The Location Of The Opening Of The Thriller

We had two places for the thriller but the main place for the opening of the thriller is at Denzel's house in his bathroom which was not very far from our college so it was quick and easy access and we could of traveled back and forth if we needed anything from college
So why did we choose here, well because it was an all white background which was what we needed and also it had a mirror which will play a big role in the opening of the thriller because this is where vital things happen.
 The other place is our college teachers kitchen when you see the the flash backs of pictures and this is where we will film the smashing of the cup. The kitchen was a good place to use because we could smash the the cup and know it was safe because other students where not in the area. Also its a place where people would go and get a drink.

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