Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Re-Film

Some Re-filming 
So what needed to be re-filmed, well there were quite a few parts such as when the character is closing the door we didn't get the right angle so we changed it from Denzel's point of view close the door to a close up and we had to film this a couple times because we kept on making mistakes such as the blood was done properly or when taking the pictures the flash would go off while filming and we would have to start again. Another part we had to film was when Denzel is looking in the mirror and I do a panning of his body you can see me therefore we had to re-film this so i can not be seen by the mirror. This was difficult though because we wanted to get the back of him so we had very little space to work in but with a few adjustments we were able to pull of this shot with great effect. We also had to re-film some extreme close up shot because the first time the camera was out of focus therefore it came out blurred on the computer when were editing it.
Watching What We Re-filmed

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