Thursday, 24 March 2011

Evaluation of 'The Other Side' Rough Cut

It could be said our thriller rough cut had to yet to undergo many changes as there were quite a few imperfections; such as the lack of music, title sequence and we still had to add more scenes to it. 
As a collective we all had similar ideas for the music. We wanted the beginning to be eerie and then lead into a strong climax, as we thought this would add to the suspense within the scenes. Bellow I have included three exemplary thrillers that have strong climax's.

This is from the horror film 'Friday the 13th' by Sean S. Cunningham, Although this doesn't count as a thriller, i still think the sound used is a good representation of what we would like to use.

This is from the thriller 'The Unborn' by David S. Goyer. I like the use of instruments in the beginning which help make it mysterious yet creepy.

Lastly I chose 'Black Swan' by Darren Aronofsky, the theme of this thriller is the same as our own (psychological) and the music helps incorporate this, which is what we would like our music to do.

As for fonts we had no initial ideas, all we knew is that we wanted to portray the name of our thriller (The Other Side) in our font, and somehow simulate the idea of two people (in the case of font, two fonts) that differ from each other.
For example

This font is thin and narrow

whilst this font is broad and wide

However as a rough cut it was a great help; it showed us as a group what else we needed to achieve in order to make our opening thriller portray all our thoughts we had on paper and in our heads to an audience.

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